lightforce laser

Podiatry practices often prioritize treating foot pain, which may stem from various causes like neuritis, plantar fasciitis, circulatory issues, or diabetic-related problems. Class IV laser therapy, such as the LightForce laser, employing photobiomodulation, emerges as a promising solution.

This therapy stimulates mitochondrial activity, hastening pain reduction and tissue healing. It serves as a potent component in a comprehensive treatment plan for various podiatric conditions.

Common applications include addressing plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma, diabetic neuropathy, Achilles tendon issues, osteoarthritis-related foot and ankle pain, joint swelling, and weight-bearing discomfort.

By leveraging this advanced therapy, podiatrists can effectively alleviate pain and facilitate the healing process for their patients, offering hope and relief for those grappling with foot ailments.

LightForce Laser